In the Blue Houses Dream the Mountains

*Image description: Performance set of a lit house and 4 hanging paper panels with mountain projections.

*Image description: A singer is singing on stage and mountain projections on the paper screens behind.

*Image description: 4 performers in plain attire and scattered rocks on stage.

*Image description: 3 performers with mountain backpacks, clusters center stage under bright light.

*Image description: Performer crafts toy mountain. A wavy bamboo mesh with paper frames stuck onto it.

*Image description: Kutiyattam performer center stage, 2 drummers behind, and kuzhithalam player to the right.

*Image description: Kutiyattam performer, as Sugriva, with arms poised in midair.

*Image description: Poothan performer in ornate attire with tall headgear and face mask on stage.

*Image description: 3 pairs in Kalaripayattu stick fight with 4-foot-long cane sticks, plain attire.

*Image description: Performers pose on stage. 2 in plain attire left & right. 2 in paper skirts upstage center.

*Image description: Two performers upstage lean against each other before panels of fabric loom film projections.

*Image description: Shadow silhouette of three performers against the backlit paper screen.

*Image description: A Performer under bamboo sticks net, 2nd kneels, 3rd with thread wings in flying pose.

*Image description: 2 musicians & 1 singer right, sign language interpreter left. projection panels upstage.

*Image description: Performer lifts mountain sculpture, 2 others approach. 4th performer shadows behind panels.

*Image description: Fabric weaving on a loom, weaver's hands in shuttling motion.

*Image description: A photograph of the workspace in which the weaver and the loom sit.

*Image description: Thin bamboo strips weaved in a crisscross pattern by the sculpting artist.

*Image description: An artist traces the drawing for making the bamboo sculpture.

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