Graphical image of toy mountains made in bamboo mesh and human figures walking, overlayed on a mountain image.

*Image Description : A multimedia drawing with an illustration of human bodies interconnected like the nerve system in the form of a mountain, overlayed by the image of the performers composing the mountain form with their bodies.

Performance,Ecology and Accessibilty

How might we change our performance and eco-theater models to be more interactive, experiential, and accessible for all? And how might theatre be a space where we can practice new ways of relating to each other and to the earth? These are questions that become ever more pressing as we face the massive and ongoing consequences of climate change. 

Theatres that cut across multiple communities, including those with disabilities, have the power to transform not only our social and cultural realms of exchange but also our engagement with the more-than-human world. Performance, as a multi-sensory space, can enable us to expand our approaches toward different forms of hearing, seeing, and moving differently in relation to our earth stories. Theatres that invite us to tune into the rhythms of the earth, its ecologies, and the materiality of the more than human can lead to performances that act as ‘convergence sites’ which are more inclusive and engaging space. 

The ongoing lectures and workshops facilitated by Dr. Kochhar-Lindgren as part of the BRM Project 2023 focus on such a reimagination of theater as an inclusive practice that can transform our ecological thinking and lead to the re-interpretation of theatre and disability as the site of the multisensory ecological imagination.

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