*This video plays scenes from the training session with Guru Kalamandalam Rama Chakyar, where he demonstrates the mudras and gives notes on Koodiyattam to Dr.Kanta.

Research Residency

with Guru Kalamandalam Rama Chakyar

As a key part of the BRM Project 2023, a research residency program took place in collaboration with the revered Guru Kalamanadalam Rama Chakyar. Under his expert guidance, Dr. Kanta Ann Kochhar-Lindgren's immersion in Kutiyattam, a transformative journey, has focused on the significance of stories about mountains within this classical performance form. At the pinnacle of her training, Dr. Kanta plans to perform “Govardhanodharanam” in the near future. Govardhanodharanam details the lifting of Mount Govardhana by Lord Krishna and giving shelter to the Gopas against Indra`s wrath. In addition to studying the artistic dimensions of Kutiyattam, this residency serves as a platform for building a dialogue with Guru Rama Chakyar that bridges the worlds of Kutiyattam and its mountain stories with other art forms together in the Intercultural Performance Project. This exchange of ideas and insights promises to enrich both the traditional art form and the contemporary exploration of mountains. It will result in a harmonious blend of classical performing arts with innovative approaches to storytelling and performing the mountain across within BRM Project 2023.

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